Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vellostar Compact Sewing Kit for Home & Travel

About the Product

  • Comprehensive sewing kit for whole family, Mom, Dad, kids, campers, college students and preppers
  • Compact sewing kit is perfect for everyday, travel or emergencies; Store in desk, purse, or car
  • Sturdy zippered canvas case holds high-quality sewing tools; Elastic holders keep things in place
  • Kit Includes: scissors, tape, seam ripper, needles, thimble, threaders, pins, buttons, and thread
  • Portable sewing kit for mending rips, tears, holes, unraveled hems, missing buttons, and more


This is excellent kit for home or travel. I love how compact it is so not much space in storage whether in drawer or my purse. It is black case with good quality zip and opens flat. All the items are securely held by elastic holders so nothing falls and always stays in place. This kit has everything one may need to mend or sew, I mostly use it mend any torn hems or stitching coming apart in tshirts, sew back buttons on shirts.

It contains 10 needles packed nicely in pink box so no worry of losing them and even if I do there are so many more as backup. I like the variety of 12 color threads provided, mostly kits provide white or black but this one has variety of other colors like red, brown, pink, orange, blue, green, yellow and more to match most of color fabric. So I am not stuck with using white or black thread over pink or orange dress or shirt. The stainless steel scissor is really handy in this kit as it is small size and perfect for cutting threads or anything. Handy and useful to have as I never can find scissor when I need it. There are 3 generic buttons provided so if urgently needed I can put these on shirt until I can get perfect match. Other useful items included are 2 Threaders, Pins, Thimble, Measuring tape, Seam ripper.

This is very useful and handy kit at home for repairs or even detailed stitching at home or carry along while travelling. I travel every year to India for international travel to visit family and this will be very handy to carry along to fix minor tears while travelling.

You can purchase Vellostar Compact Sewing Kit for Home & Travel on amazon here.

I received this product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.