Saturday, October 3, 2015

Non-slip Green Luggage Strap & Orange Luggage Tag

About the Product

  • ZeeGear Luggage Strap Bundle: 2 Items - Non-Slip 1 Neon Green Luggage Strap & 1 Neon Orange Luggage Tag
  • Belt has non-slip silicone pads that stretch 4.5 in. to 7.5 in., keeping bulky bags secure
  • Bright color makes your bag easy to spot at busy airports, bus or train stations
  • Adjustable from 45 to 80 inches - Ideal for car seats, cargo, motorcycles, strollers, golf bags & ski racks
  • Travel belt has sturdy snap-lock that makes it easy to attach or remove it from your bag quickly

We travel every year internationally from US to India to visit family. Both me and hubby carry huge amount of gifts for family and friends and our check in luggage is bulky and large. Long flight and then so many passenger's travel luggage, the amount of time we spend at baggage claim to identify our suitcase is insane. I never realized red and blue or black or even green bags or suitcase are common and shape seems similar to other passenger bags. So many times we pick up suitcase thinking it is ours only to have to place it back on the belt. I have tried tying ribbons but you can never see them in the crowd. I was super excited when I got an opportunity to try ZeeGear Luggage bundle set on 1 Neon Green Luggage Strap and 1 Luggage tag.

The color of luggage strap is vibrant green so anyone can easily see even from distance and this would definitely help to get ready to pick the luggage as soon near on the belt. The strap can be easily placed on bag or suitcase and secured with snap on lock. The strap is adjustable from 45 to 80 inches which is good enough to fit on medium to large and heavy bags. The other advantage is that it will keep bulky bags secure and not open up accidentally. I would recommend to place the strap through in between the suitcase handle so that it stays intact. The luggage tag is good to have you name and contact information in case the luggage is lost or misplaced.

This helps us save a lot of time in our domestic travels too when we checkin our bags. With this bright luggage strap we can easily identify our luggage and pick it without any delay. No more hassle of picking wrong bag and putting it back.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.