Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Elba n.2 - Anti Acne / Anti Blemish Treatment Gel

Elba n.2 - Anti Acne / Anti Blemish Treatment Gel - Natural & Organic Acne Skin Care - Non-Comedogenic Relaxing Detoxifying Ingredients, 2% Salicylic Acid - 1oz

About the Product

  • QUICKLY TREATS INFECTED ACNE WITHOUT SCARING - You'll be amazed by the fast results.
  • REDUCES REDNESS AND BLEMISHES IMMEDIATELY - Penetrates the skin to magically heal and cleanse, and has a wonderful matifying effect.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC - Gentle treatment, great for sensitive skin. Perfect blend of non-comedogenic, relaxing and highly detoxifying ingredients.
  • CRUELTY FREE: NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS - It goes without saying, this is certainly our #1 priority!
  • MADE IN USA, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED - Comes in a 1 oz bottle, with an airless pump to protect the gel from contamination. You'll LOVE this gel... but if you don't, no problem, we'll return your money!

My hubby has oily skin and gets lot of acne and he was having difficult time shaving. I have dry skin and I get acne but infrequently. We both suffer from scarring from acne, hubby skin gotten worse now. I really like how this treatment can be used specifically on acne area of the skin so it concentrated there. It is very easy to use just dampen area with water and then rub the treatment on the area in circular motion for couple of minutes. It has gel like consistency and does not burn skin or make it irritated. After that wash off. It works great as spot corrector and helps reduce the redness and control the growing acne by drying it up. Surprisingly it really did help prevent scarring or blemishes after acne dried away. It has pump designed bottle and it makes getting out product easy and just right amount, one or two pumps depending on size of acne or how many you have. Great product for anyone suffering from breakouts and looking for easy treatment which is natural and organic.

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