Thursday, October 29, 2015

Calf compression leggings by Tuff Togs

About the Product

* * * * * COMPRESSION SLEEVE WARNING * * * * *. . . . . . . . . . . * * * * * Not all compression is created equal! * * * * * Only real graduated compression can increase circulation to relieve pain, reduce swelling/injury and improve recovery time & endurance.
♦ If your FEET & LEGS HAVE EVER BEEN SWOLLEN, SORE, TIGHT OR HURTING after a workout or a long day on your feet, you'll LOVE the relief you get from wearing Calfies. 15-20mmHg gradient compression is precisely engineered to exert gradual pressure & support on the lower leg from the ankle up. This force constricts the blood vessels which increases circulation, bringing a multitude of real, physical benefits.
♦ SPORTS MEDICINE & 1,000's OF ATHLETES CAN'T BE WRONG your feet & legs feel and perform better when you wear Calfies, and they look really cool too!
♦ WHEN IT COMES TO GRADIENT COMPRESSION - ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Get more info below and find out what size your Calfies are in the size chart above....................... *** If your calves are larger than 19" our XXL will NOT fit you.***
♦ Calfies are, without a doubt the PREMIUM SPORTS VERSION of compression stockings, socks, tights, leggings, guards, protective wraps and are manufactured to the absolute highest standards for your utmost comfort, durability & usability. Extra Wide Comfort Cuff's ♦ Seamless ♦ Breathable ♦ Quick-dry ♦ No Fade/Stretch/Chafe/Itch ♦ Easy Care ♦ 4-Way Stretch ♦ 85%-Nylon 15%-Spandex (Lycra)
♦ REST ASSURED WITH TUFF TOGS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You have nothing to lose except tired, achy muscles so take advantage of our special price - add a pair or 2 to your cart and click to buy! Don't risk your size being sold out, buy now➹


These calfies have really nice design and color combination. I love to wear them while hiking or on long run, these look cool outdoors and not like mostly designed calf compression legging with dull colors. The important thing is to get the right size of calfie, the chart provided helps to get the right fit for oneself. Sizing is important I feel and if sleeve is too tight then it can hurt and restrict too much blood flow to cause dizziness. The good thing about these calfies is that it is made of stretchable material and hence feels tight but comfortable on calf. I wear them during workout and exercise like running or cycling and these are really helpful in recovery of my tired legs. 

You can purchase Calf compression leggings by Tuff Togs on amazon here.

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