Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Acne1Sport Inc - Spray for hard to reach areas


No More Kits! Best of all AcneOne Sport helps eliminate zits, prevent future breakouts and improve skin texture, smoothness and radiance all in a single step. No more need to buy tube after tube of special cleansers, night creams, days creams, zit sticks… just a spray or two of AcneOne Sport is all it takes. Soothing and luxurious.., deep penetrating yet gentle enough to use as everyday skin care (on your face, arms, back… wherever flare ups might happen) and powerful enough to fight even the most persistent breakouts… all without a trace of benzoyl peroxide.

Clear & Prevent Acne, Head-To-Toe with Acne1Sport™.

Introducing the First real alternative to last-generation acne kits… a one-step spray that quickly heals zits, soothes irritated skin and prevents future breakouts on your face, chest, neck, arms, shoulders and back. Perfect for teens, adults and all skin types.

  • Just One Simple Step!
  • Total Body Solution for your Face, Chest and Back!
  • Liposome Delivery, penetrates deep into pores!
  • Clears & Prevents Acne
  • Paraben Free Formula
  • Clinically Proven

This is great product for anyone suffering from frequent breakouts not just on face but chest and back too. I always get acne on back during summer and it really is difficult to be able to apply creams on back. It is super easy to use just one or two sprays at spot of breakout and helps to clear and also prevents acne from getting bigger. The bottle is stylish design and the spray helps to target specific area where acne has started. The size is compact to carry along to work too in my purse. It does not have any specific scent 

You can purchase Acne1Sport Inc - Spray for hard to reach areas here.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.