Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Honey Bee Smooth Bath & Body Scrub + Moisturizer.

Product Description

What a day! You've worked hard, juggled a million things (miraculously), and now you're at the finish line. You're tired, dirty, and ready for a well deserved-break.

And now, little by little, the chaos of the day starts to drift away.

You slip out of your clothes, prepare the washroom, and the steam surrounds you. Your mind slowly slips into a sublime and tranquil state.

It's time to wash away your worries.


Honey Bee Smooth gives you a truly unique experience. Your mind can relax, knowing that it's refreshingly simple formula is the safest on the market, with no harmful chemicals.

The appetizing aroma, the tickle of the sugar crystals, and your radiant results will make you so glad that you chose this premium body scrub.


• Honey

• Brown Sugar

• Vitamins


The scrub overall is amazing for dry skin type, the mixture of honey and brown sugar is perfect mix to help gently exfoliate the skin but also provide deep moisturizing too. The key is too mix up the mixture which I did not realize in the beginning. When I first opened the jar I just used the product on top but that just glided on the skin. No feeling of any scrubbing or exfoliation. It seems that honey and sugar separate out and if look at the bottom it is darker shade of brown. The sugar scrub part settles down. So while taking shower I mix it up with fingers and then apply all over the body for gentle exfoliation.

Now this product is sticky compared to any other scrub mainly as it has honey. Now honey has very soothing and hydrating properties so I love the effect it has on dry skin. The only issue some may have have is to mix it with fingers so I would suggest use small spatula if you have. I highly recommend the seller would provide something with the product which would make mixing it before use easy and non messy.

The scrub is not too harsh which works well for me as I do not like to use scrub as my skin can get sensitive. I use loofah once week if I want little deeper level of exfoliation. The scent if refreshing and mainly smells of the honey. The quality of honey and sugar is good and it did not change after opening jar and using couple of times. The mixture does separate out and sugar portion settles at bottom so I need to mix it every time I have to use while in shower.

On packaging front I do feel there is scope for improvement. The cap has beautiful sticker on it in golden which looks attractive. But I do wish to see list of ingredients on any product I use so I hope they will added soon. Also it will be helpful to provide instructions on how to use the product, like mention of mixing before use to get proper exfoliation from the product. I think some users may get confused if they just use top of product as that just makes skin soft. Also provide details like size or amount of product. The usual information made available to any user on beauty product.

Using this has definitely helped me keep skin soft and silky in this harsh winter. The honey quality is so good that I apply just light body lotion after shower to keep skin from drying whereas I usually have to apply thick body butter.

You can purchase Honey Bee Smooth Bath & Body Scrub + Moisturizer on amazon here.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.