Friday, December 25, 2015

Elegana 10 Pieces Premium Kitchen Ceramic Knives

Product Description

"Simple is Elegant"- Elegana 10 Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set

Introducing the #1 Premium Quality Kitchen Knife Set By Elegana

No matter if you are a professional chef, a mom cooking for her children or a college student, you need a professional and sharp set of knives.

Elegana is a premium supplier of high quality kitchen products. Our ceramic knives are ultra-sharp & can retain its sharpness longer than conventional stainless-steel knife.

We use a new Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) technology that creates a blade HARDER, STRONGER, and the crafted blade edges are up to 30% sharper than our competitors

We Know Elegant - We Know Ceramic Knives

Features & Benefits:
• Gorgeous White Mirror Finish Zirconium Ceramic Blades
• Specially included a red 5" Santoku Knife- best for slicing and dicing food
• Light Weight Blades with Ultra Comfortable Color Handles
• Include bonus Multi-Use Ceramic Peeler & Polishing Microfiber Cloth
• Up to 2x sharper than steel
• Easily Cut Meats, Fruits & Vegetables
• Easy to Clean
• BPA free & never stains
• Ergonomic & Elegant Designs

10 Pieces Include:
• (1) Green 3" Paring Ceramic Knife
• (1) Yellow 4" Fruit Ceramic Knife
• (1) Red 5" Santoku Ceramic Knife
• (1) Blue 6" Chef Ceramic Knife
• (4) Color Protective Sheaths
• (1) Ceramic Peeler
• (1) Polishing Microfiber Cloth

+ Classy & Elegant Gift Box

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I never thought I would actually fall in love with a knife set but this premium ceramic knife set from Elegana brings new definition to elegance in my kitchen. First the packaging is super impressive the box design is cute in white background with golden yellow or brown print.It fits perfectly and locks magnetically. The have mentioned all details about the set, how to take care of knives and use instructions on top side of box when you flip open.

There are 4 knives and peeler safely placed in box and each knife has pretty and different color. The knives are as color coded and based on usage below:
Green 3" Paring Ceramic Knife
Yellow 4" Fruit Ceramic Knife
Red 5" Santoku Ceramic Knife
Blue 6" Chef Ceramic Knife

The knives have protective covering is same color as knife and it is very useful to keep the blade safe and also prevents accidental cutting of hands while fetching knife from drawer. I have cut my fingers so many times. The blade is super super sharp. It looks really pretty in shiny mirror finish and if like me you have been using steel knives you will be impressed with blade quality. I use the smaller knives for cutting fruits or veggies, red one for slicing and dicing tomatoes, onions, cutting meat and slicing and crushing garlic etc. The largest one comes handy to cut salmon and meat, chop veggies and dice tomatoes and onions too. I am not a chef so I do interchange the blue and red, yellow and green often.

There is also ceramic peeler which comes handy to peel fruits and veggies like carrots etc. A microfiber cloth has also been provided for cleaning. These are super easy to clean with soap and water. The blade is sharper than steel ones definitely and I now have completely switched to using ceramic knives ever since trying this set.

It is mentioned on package to not use these knives for prying, boning and cutting hard and frozen food. It also has cool feature to release and switch blade around for left handers.

Overall an excellent knives set for self or gifting to friends and family.

You can purchase Elegana 10 Pieces Premium Kitchen Ceramic Knives on amazon here.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.