Sunday, September 20, 2015

Slim Extreme 4d Argan Oil Thermo Cellulite Serum

About the Product
● Warming formula works in 3 steps
● Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
● 24-carat GOLD PhytoCellTecTM, hyaluronic acid
● Plant stem cells - PhytoCellTecTM - activate weak and sleeping stem cells in skin
● Can help slim traditional problem areas like the waist, abdomen, and buttocks
● Dermatologically tested
● 8.8 fl. oz. tube

If the heat is too much for you, please contact us before you write a review! We have other options that we can offer you! Persons with sensitive skin, prone to cracking capillaries or varicose veins formation should not use the product.

If you are not experiencing the warming effect of the product we have a few suggestions that may help you feel the burn better. Everyone seems to have a different tolerance towards the heat of the product. Some customers actually describe it as a very intense burning sensation, and very few say they don't feel the burn at all. We recommend that you apply a small amount of the product to a small skin area, to see how your skin will react.
To enhance the warming effect:
1.Use the product after a hot shower or before you start a workout. Those are the times that your pores are more open, and more susceptible to the product active ingredients.
2.Apply a more generous amount of the product.
3.Massage the serum into the desired areas for a minute, or use a wrap.
The warming effect helps the active ingredients penetrate through the skin better, but is not essential for the product to work. The Slim Extreme line offers a number of anti-cellulite products that are very effective even without the thermo effect.


Excellent serum to help with cellulite. I use on butt and back side of thigh where I have most cellulite. It really gives warming sensation and heat stays on for around 20-25 minutes and then gets less in intensity. For first time I would recommend to use small amount and massage it into skin and after judging your tolerance for the heat you can apply more. I like the warming effect and it works best before workout. So I apply before going to gym or for run and I have seen improvement after 3 weeks of regular use. My skin is firmer and toned, the texture is really smooth. The argan oil helps smooth the skin too and gold flakes add bit of glitter to skin.

I received the product in exchange of my honest review. All opinion expressed are 100% my own.