Monday, September 14, 2015

BioBasics Skin Care and Blemish Repair Serum

About the Product

PATENTED GROWTH FACTOR SERUM - Accelerate Healing from Cuts, Scrapes, Burns and other Skin Damage. This product improves vascular, neurological, dermal, and epidermal structures of the skin.
YOUR SKIN WILL LOOK AND FEEL MORE ELASTIC - BioBasics breakthrough formula wards off cellular mutations caused by UV exposure, leaving your skin beautiful. Regain your youthful appearance and buy this product now.
WINNER OF A NOBEL PRIZE - BioBasics Patented Blend of Purpose-Specific Growth Factors won a Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology.
WITH CONTINUED USE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES WILL DIMINISH - Rough textures, enlarged pores, blemishes and tough areas will soften, bruises and thin skin will vanish; and your skin will have an ageless, renewed, pure, natural, rejuvenated and revitalized appearance and feel.
BIOBASICS IS THE ULTIMATE COSMETIC TREATMENT KIT OUT THERE - Let BioBasics bring hydration, healing, and health. Watch as it acts as a moisturizer, remover, eraser, filler, and extractor for your skin. Don't wait to try this balm, buy this treatment serum now!


I never thought I would really find anything to help repair my skin and get rid of the blemishes and acne scars. I sometimes get pimples and acne even though I have dry skin and mostly after acne has gone it leaves behind red mark on my cheek and forehead which takes months and chemical peel to get rid off. I am really impressed with this serum. It has not only healed my dry skin but also cleared up my scars to give me new confidence.

I have to say the packaging is impressive, the serum comes in 15ml blue colored bottle with stylish triangular silver cap. The entire appearance of bottle is classy and even my friends have commented on how good the design and color combination is. The serum is light and no scent, just few drops to cover your entire face and neck. It gets absorbed very easily and no greasy feeling at all. I use this under makeup and have not had any breakouts since using this product which is really important for me. It has pump system which makes it easy to get serum on to fingertips and apply.

I have been using this serum for 3 weeks now and am amazed at how effective it is on improving my skin. I use it day and night and also as spot treatment between day on scars or blemishes. It make skin smooth and hydrated which is very beneficial for my dry skin types. It has helped to diminish the scars on my cheek and forehead to give clear skin. With regular use I have firm and radiant skin tone, fine lines on my forehead are no longer visible. This great for sunburns, cuts and wounds as it helps to repair the skin sooner. I apply bit of serum on my fingers as they dry out and become rough with white marks and patches. It has helped to heal skin and keep it soft. Sometimes I cut myself while cooking and I used this serum and it really healed the skin in few days, no bandage needed.

I would definitely recommend this serum, totally worth it!! 

You can purchase BioBasics Skin Care and Blemish Repair Serum on amazon here.

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