Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ROHA Measuring Spoon

I am always experimenting in kitchen with recipes from internet or pinterest. I love to try new recipes and for the ones I make first time it really is important to get the amount of ingredients correct. After couple of attempts I can add more or less depending on taste. I just had 1 tablespoon and it was getting really difficult to add correct quantity of say turmeric powder which recipe said add 1/4 teaspoon. Adjusting amount on tablespoon is not the most accurate way to go about but it was workable solution. When Roha Inc provided an opportunity to try their stainelss steel measuring spoons, I jumped at the chance.

The set includes 4 spoons in stainless steel - 1 tablesspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon. That is all kinds of measuring spoon I could need to use in my recipes. What is really great about the product is that measurement is engraved on spoon and is in both standard and metric. It is not sticker so no worry of getting washed off. It is dishwasher safe. All the spoons are tied in ring so I always have them together, no tension of losing anyone. You can hang them through the ring but I prefer to keep them in my drawer with the rest of set of handy utensils I know I will use daily.

You can purchase ROHA Measuring Spoon on amazon here.

I received the product in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.