Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Large Ice Cube Mold - Makes 2.25 Inch Big Ice Cube

This is awesome product to get large ice cubes for drinks in summer. The ice cube mold is large to make 2.25 inch big ice cubes and you can get 4 of them. What I loved about the product was even though I get big ice cube getting them out is super easy due to the silicone make, just twist lightly and I get the ice cubes out by turning upside down. 

I love making iced tea, lemonades and cocktails in summer and these perfect to add to drink, just one cube to keep drink chilled longer duration. I used to add several small pieces of ice and that used chge taste of the drink by diluting. These are prefect! Also I find them super useful for barbeque parties or gatherings where I add these big chunks to big drink containers/jars for everyone to enjoy cool and chilled drinks. With the smaller cubes the drink used to get warm sooner. My hubby prefers half or 3/4th size of this single cube in his whisky drink so for him I just fill water less than full! You can adjust water level to whatever size of cube you want!

You can purchase Large Ice Cube Mold - Makes 2.25 Inch Big Ice Cube on amazon here.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review.