Monday, August 24, 2015

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil by Deluxe Botanicals

I am basically over loaded with dryness - dry scalp, dry hair, dry skin! I had heard a lot about Jojoba Oil but never really tried so when I got an opportunity from Deluxe Botanicals to try their 100% Pure and Organic Jojoba Oil I jumped at the chance. While waiting for package I did some research on different ways one can use and benefit from Jojoba Oil so that when my package arrived in mail I was all set to begin using it right away.
I received a 4 oz bottle with dropper, the bottle size is good value for money. It is light yellow is color ad seems oily but I was amazed as how easily it was absorbed on my arms. It does not leave a greasy feeling after application and has light nutty scent. The dropper makes it easy to control how much you want to apply. A little goes a long way, you do not need a lot, rub the oil between palms or fingertips to warm it up.

I have been using the jojoba oil in my hair and skin care routine now for 3 weeks and I am absolutely loving the results. I have super soft skin which does not dry up or get white patches frequently now and my hair is super soft and shiny! My scalp no longer itches due to dryness. I use it mainly to moisturize my skin and and as intensive conditioning treatment for scalp and hair. You can also use it to remove makeup and facial cleanser. 

Another great use of jojoba oil that I recently learned is as carrier oil for essential oils. I mix few drops of lavender and lemon essential oil with jojoba oil to massage my hubby tired feet and neck, and he does same for me :) It is excellent way to get benefits of essential oils.

Hair Care - I apply jojoba oil to my hair 1 hour before shampoo, massage it into scalp and apply all over my hair especially at the ends.Then I wrap my hair in hot towel and relax, let the oil work its magic. Wash it off after an hour and I really do not find the need to apply conditioner, it makes my hair soft and manageable. I do this 2-3 times a week.

 If I am going to style my hair or blow dry then I apply just few drops of oil on damp hair and then style as usual. It helps protect hair and I do not find it becoming dry or brittle. My hair has lot of shine to it now and no longer looks dull and damaged!

Skin Care - I apply jojoba oil to my face as moisturizer in night. After shower I apply oil on my back, legs and arms 2-3 times a week, this has helped my skin to not get too dry and maintain moisture and softness. Since this is absorbed so quickly I am comfortable applying it to the days I have to go to work too as this does not transfer to the clothes. This is also perfect to soothe irritated skin after shaving.

You can purchase Certified Organic Jojoba Oil by Deluxe Botanicals on amazon here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.