Monday, August 10, 2015

Azteca Gold Virgin Coconut Oil

I have very dry skin and I get white dry patches if my skin is not deeply hydrated. I recently read that coconut oil works as a great moisturizer so I wanted to give it try and was excited when I got a chance to try Azteca Gold Virgin Coconut Oil.

I received 100 ml plastic bottle with pop lid to get the product. The coconut oil can get solid if stored in cool temperatures so I just keep it at room temperature to maintain its liquid form. You can easily see through the bottle how much product is left which I like so you know when you need to order a new one. It is white and slightly thick consistency not like complete liquid. I keep the bottle tilted with lid open to get product on to my palms. The bottle is not squeezable so you need to hold it for a minute to get product out. 
It gets absorbed really quick on my dry skin and has slight scent of coconut which feels nice. I apply it directly to my arms, legs and heels to keep them hydrated and soft. I have seen better results with keeping the oil applied overnight but if in a hurry I apply 2 hours before shower and it keeps my skin supple and soft entire day.No need to apply moisturizer!

I also love adding essential oils to it for massage like lavender and lemon. It helps relax and soothe and scent and massage feels so refreshing. Love it especially after workout at gym.

I also apply it to my hair 3 hours before shower and it acts as deep conditioner once a week.

I have also used for cooking but personally I do not like the coconut flavor so I will stick to skin and hair care routine. It works as excellent 

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.