Monday, August 31, 2015

DripDrop Lemon and Berry Review #Smiley360

My recent mission from Smiley360 was for DripDrop, prevents and treats dehydration from exercise, heat, travel or illness. With summer in full swing I was in need for something better than regular sports drink and water to keep me hydrated while enjoying outdoor activities.

My Smiley Kit contained:
• 6 Sample Sticks of DripDrop® (3 lemon & 3 berry)
• 2 $2.00 off coupons
• Sharing Guide

About DripDrop:

Safe enough to drink every day, DripDrop® hydration solution contains:

• 3x the electrolytes & ½ the calories of most sports drinks
• 25% more electrolytes than pediatric solutions
• Clinically shown to absorb 34% faster than water alone
• Great tasting compared to pediatric solutions and sports drinks
• No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
• Pharmacist Approved
• Find us in the baby aisle in most CVS and Walgreens


Summer is time to enjoy outdoors activities like hiking, camping or going for a run. All the sweating causes dehydration which makes it really important to stay hydrated to avoid dizziness or injury. What I really like about DripDrop is that these come in easy packets and each can be used whenever required. So no extra weight simply carry one or more packet as required. Using it is very easy, simply tear open and add to water and stir. It dissolves very easily and provides immediate hydration. I liked Lemon flavor more than berry but that is personal preference. The taste is great and what's even better is that it is less calories than usual sports drinks!

Click here - for $2.00 off coupon

For more information about DripDrop®, click here

I received product free from Smiley360 for purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.