Saturday, August 22, 2015

La Fede's Aqua Series Card Holder

My hubby does not like to carry big sized wallet with him in jeans or pants as he dislikes the bulky look and feeling. He only prefers to carry few major credit cards, driving license and few cash bills in his pockets. Any other item is simply dumped in my purse :)
The problem with his current card holder is that it started to tear off at ends after frequent removing and placing of cards. It was time to throw it away and get new one, but hubby dearest simply refused to listen. He will use it until completely torn apart!! Thankfully I got to try La Fede's Aqua Series Card Holder and now old one is in trash and La Fede rocks!!

I have to say the packaging is excellent giving overall classy and sophisticated look, making this excellent choice as gift! I ordered black leather one and it comes in nice brown box, inside the card holder is wrapped in dust bag and with instructions card about the product and tips to take better care of the leather card holder Nice to have!!
The card holder is sleek and compact with stylish La Fede logo at bottom right on one side. The leather quality is good and card holder is sturdy. Love the scent of leather!!

It has two clots on both sides and one in center. He places his cards ad driving license in slots on either sides while the center one he uses as cash holder.

It is simple yet sophisticated to carry with him everywhere, work or gym. The cards fit in easily and perfectly, taking them out is easy too. The fit is snug so no danger of cards falling out. The best thing my hubby likes is that it does not feel or look bulky in his pants or jacket. It looks high end and sturdy enough to last long time without getting torn apart. He has been using for 3 weeks now and till now it is intact. He loves it!!

This is perfect for men and women who prefer to just carry main cards and few cash bills with them rather than full sized wallet!!

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.

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