Monday, August 3, 2015

RIMSports Women fitness gloves Pink And Turquoise

I have been going to gym regularly for 1 year now to reduce weight and stay fit and healthy. Lifting weights is an essential part of my gym workout routine besides cardio exercises. I use free weights and also machine weights to perform variety of exercises to target different muscles like chest, back, bicep, tricep, hamstring, quadriceps, shoulders etc. Gym gloves are absolutely necessary item in my gym bag. My current gloves had taken toll ad had worn out and when I got chance to try RIMSports Women Fitness Gloves I was super excited and could wait for my package to arrive in mail.

There are two shades available Pink and Turquoise and I chose the turquoise one, shade was eye catching. The first thing what I really liked about the brand while ordering the gloves on amazon was that they have glove size chart and clearly defined instructions to identify your size easily. Mine was Small. This helps users to avoid buying wrong size gloves and with workout it is necessary the gloves fit you perfectly, either too tight or too lose will hamper the workout.

When I tried the gloves on they were snug fit. Just PERFECT!!! The good thing is that material is lightweight so gloves don't feel bulky and I can easily lift weights without any add bulk of glove itself. The extra padding around palm and end provides firm grip on equipment, no slippage. This is very important feature as it helps prevent injury. I have sprained muscle in past while losing my grip on dumbbell.

Another great feature of these awesome gloves is the breathable fabric which does not soak up the sweat. I have had to remove my old gloves sometimes during high intensity workout and dry up with towel to soak the sweat on my hands. It was causing me lose my grip. These are so much more comfortable!!

These are hand washable so makes it super easy for me clean them up. The material seems durable and I have high hopes these gloves will last me long time!! These are super comfortable with perfect length to cover up fingers and thumb.
These are stylish and provide the functionality to provide good workout! Great for women who are fitness freak and love to workout with style!

You can purchase RIMSports Women fitness gloves Pink And Turquoise on amazon here.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products that I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.