Sunday, July 24, 2016

I Max Age Spot Reducer & Preventer

About the Product

  • I Max age spot reducer is very effective to prevent and reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots, signs of sun spots, melasma and post acne scars due to its multi-functions. This cream reducer works in many active ways and have multiple benefits that will have your skin looking brand new and 10 years younger.
  • It possesses the function of exfoliating the old dead skin, which uncovers a beautiful looking surface. It has a clever depigmentation function that whitens your skin by suppressing UV induced melanogenesis, to inhibit tyrosinase activity, superoxide anion production and cyclo-oxygenase activity from Alpha Arbutin, Melatonin, Niacinamide, Glutathione, Tanexamic Acid and Glabridin from Licorice Extract.
  • I Max age spot reducer also has the function of Skin Cell Renewal. Stem Cell, Peptides and Phloretin CF, which have multiple benefits to your skin. Get ready to uncover your true beauty.
  • Helps prevent formation and reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots, signs of sun spots, melasma and post-acne scars. Reduces discoloration to improve clarity. Active skin lightening complex with clinical grade ingredients. Proactively targets damaged skin with sun-spots, age spots, melasma, sun spots, acne scars and other skin discoloration to deliver optimal dark spot fading results. Promotes a more even, uniform complexion.
  • This cream may have a synergistic effects if combined with some chemical peeling products like low concentrate AHA, TCA or Lactic Acid serums and creams although this is a very mild peeling cream. The high concentrate serums need to be diluted and a patch test is always necessary before using any chemical peeling products including this cream
I am having too many acne breakouts this summer and one subsides there are two more at different places. This time it is all over my face forehead, cheeks, chest. Usually I would only get on cheeks but I guess hormones working crazy. The acne goes away in week but it leaves red scar behind that I have hard time getting rid off and they were becoming too prominent now. I have used the I Max spot reducer cream on my acne scars and this has helped lighten the scar visibly. I only apply on and around the affected area on my face and chest. The pump style is easy to dispense the product and it does not really have specific scent, at least I cant say it is very light and fades away quickly. The pump styles bottle is convenient to carry along as well, fits in purse easily. You can also apply all over face if you prefer. I always follow with sun screen if going outdoors. For dark spots or lightening acne scars this stuff works.

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I received the product free and this is my honest review after trying the product. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.