Saturday, April 30, 2016

ORBLUE Flexible Almond-Shaped Silicone Spoon Rest - 4-pack

  • Made from durable, heat-resistant silicone that won't chip or crack even after frequent use
  • Has large resting area & stiff handle to help keep hot kitchen cooking utensils securely in place
  • Stain-proof holders preserve their beautiful appearance even after standing coffee, tea & soup utensils
  • Stove-top holders feature a handle hole so they can hang conveniently from a hook when not in use
  • Extra-large, quality resting plates come in a package of 4, in blue, red, green & orange colors
Spoon rests are a must have in my kitchen and if my hubby is cooking then we need couple of them :) I have ceramic spoon rest I bought from Walmart but they can break while cleaning and storing due to accidents. These Orblue almond shaped silicone spoon rests have the advantage for not breaking and are super easy to clean.

The set has 4 spoon rests in vibrant colors like red, green, blue and orange. The almond shape is wide to hold bigger spatulas and tongs while cooking. I can also manage to place couple of smaller items on single spoon rest as it wide shaped. The holder has hole to hang these if needed but I prefer stacking them together in my kitchen drawer and they take less space when stacked together. These are super handy to have in kitchen and especially if we have guests and I am cooking curries and also grilling at same time then having more than one spoon rest is useful.

I only wish that the handle end was bit stiff but since it made of silicone it bends if heavier spatulas are placed on it. It still serves purpose but I do have to place the bigger and wider spatulas bit carefully to avoid them falling on side.

You can purchase ORBLUE Flexible Almond-Shaped Silicone Spoon Rest - 4-pack on amazon here.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.