Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SlimFast VoxBox #ItsYourThing

I received the SlimFast VoxBox from Influenster free to try SlimFast products. The box contained one Protein Shake, one Protein bar and two 100 calorie snacks to try for my honest review. I lost 10 pounds last year and in 2016 I am targeting to loose another 10 pounds and then to maintain my weight at 125 pounds. I am 5'4" and have family history of diabetes and high blood pressure so I would like to keep my weight in control so as to enjoy healthy and lively lifestyle. 

Diet is very important for achieving weight loss goal, however I do not believe crash diet or existing on drinking juice for months. I workout in the gym and lift weights along with cardio training. So for me it is about healthy eating lifestyle full of protein and fiber to help build lean muscle. SlimFast is great brand to help me support by body protein needs after good workout in the gym. 

They have delicious variety of meal bars, shakes, smoothies and 100 calorie snacks. 
The shakes and smoothies are like meal replacements for me. They are filling and high on protein content. I received Creamy Chocolate protein shake which contains 20 g protein and only 1 g sugar. I love these are low on sugar content as I do not want to add on to my sugar levels. The taste is delicious even with low sugar content. 5g fiber makes it filling option for lunch or dinner.
The Dark Choclate Sea Salt flavored protein bar is good option for keeping me full before lunch or dinner. It helps balance my craving to have junk food at bay. 

The 100 calorie snacks are my favorite. It give me feeling of having enjoyed delicious snacks in evenings without adding too much calories. Sour Cream and Onion flavor baked crisps are light and crunchy. Perfect while travelling in train or on the go. The cinnamon bun swirl is good with tea and coffee once home. Perfect for beak before dinner.

Check out the wide variety of flavors and products available to help you achieve and also maintain your weight loss goal at their website www.SlimFast.com