Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pink 2-Way High Quality Bath Hair Catcher

Pink 2-Way High Quality Bath Hair Catcher Stopper Drain Filter Trap Sink Strainer by Prestige Ind.

  • 2-WAY DRAIN CATCH - Can be used from either side and fits most drains easily and will prevent many drain clogs.
  • PREVENT CLOGGED DRAINS - Stops hair and debris from going down the drain and clogging your showers, sinks and bath tubs.
  • PREMIUM LATEX RUBBER - Made from heavy duty latex rubber which grabs hair preventing it from going down your drain.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Easily clean by letting dry and removing hair from the strainer. Can be washed and placed in dish washer.
  • FITS MOST DRAINS - Fits most drains and can be used in bathroom sinks, shower drains and bath drains.