Saturday, November 21, 2015

KUKPO - High Quality Stainless Steel Colander

About the Product
  • BEST COLANDER FOR THE BEST PRICE - The KUKPO colander comes with a promise of durability, superior quality and user-friendliness. KUKPO offers you the ideal strainer for domestic or commercial use for an affordable price.
  • ERGONOMIC NON-SLIP HANDLE - The super soft, non-slip elevated handles provide a firm comfortable grip. The rubber construction allows you to handle even the hottest pasta or noodles without a hassle.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - No rust; no food particles clogging the holes. The Perforated design with large holes helps you to strain your food quickly and conveniently. Cleaning after use takes just a few seconds, Dishwasher safe!
  • LARGE CAPACITY TO STRAIN ANYTHING YOU NEED - If you were searching for a spacious strainer that allows you to strain pasta, noodles, orzo, vegetables and fruits for your large family at one go, the KUKPO colander is what you need. The 5-quart capacity makes this attractive even for small restaurants and food trucks.
  • CONVENIENTLY NESTS IN MIXING BOWLS - Beautifully nests in almost all mixing bowls. Straining and storing has never been easier! For best results, couple the strainer with high quality KUKPO mixing bowls.

This is the best strainer I have used so far, perfect for every need. On daily basis I use this clean fruits and veggies in running water and with rubber grip I can perfectly hold the strainer without too much effort. While cooking I use this to drain water from noddles, pasta and boiled veggies, the holes are perfectly designed to be able to strain out all the water but do not cause any clogging. Fortunately nothing slips out from these while straining, I had strainer before with bigger holes and some of my food would fall in the drain. Lot less mess now to clean up. Love this product. The size is big too and cleaning is easy with water and soap, it is dishwasher safe too. Durable and rust free and bottom has stand easy to place on counter top or inside closet. This is must have in kitchen, easy to use and so convenient. 

You can purchase KUKPO - High Quality Stainless Steel Colander on amazon here.

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