Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bamboo Washcloth - Dye-Free, Super Soft by Estilo

About the Product

  • 50% rayon/50% cotton
  • Imported
  • Pack of 6 bamboo washcloths. Each cloth measures 10 x 10 inches
  • Made of durable, eco-friendly, and Antibacterial super soft and absorbent Rayon from bamboo & organic Cotton blend
  • Makes an excellent baby gift etc.
  • Perfect for newborns and adults with sensitive skin or eczema. A great facial cleanser and ideal for bath time
  • 6 individually wrapped pure White

These are the best washcloths I have ever owned. I have genuinely surprised at the wide variety of uses for this washcloth, complete value for money. These come 6 in pack and were nicely rolled up and tied with paper ring. At first look I thought these would be rough and no way am I using this for my skin but when I picked up one cloth I was amazed at how soft it feels. 

The cloth is decent size 10*10 inches which is perfect for use and material looks shiny and has highly absorbent capability. I use one in gym to wipe my face while working out and it leaves me fresh and is better option tan gym towels. The antibacterial properties are useful to help prevent clogging of pores due to sweating. It is also useful for mothers with new born babies as it is excellent choice for washing babies or people with sensitive skin. 

One I keep in kitchen as dish cloth and I use it to wipe dishes after washing them with soap and water. I have even tried to clean dishes first to get rid off remaining scrap food and these work wonders on non stick utensils where I do not want to use scrub which could damage non stick coating. After than I wash with soap and water and dry off with another cloth. 

I also use these to clean glass mirrors and counter tops and they leave it sparkly clean with my usual cleaners. Surprisingly these do not get dirty even though I do so much cleaning with them, the cloth material is of super good quality. I just wash them in running warm water and hang to dry and then load them washer for weekly wash. Even though these are white they do not get dirty too much which is what makes them so unique compared to normal wash cloths. 

These washcloths are my absolute favorites, durable for cleaning but also gentle for skin!

You can purchase Bamboo Washcloth - Dye-Free, Super Soft by Estilo on amazon here.

I received the product free in exchange of y honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.