Friday, November 20, 2015

Color-Changing Nail Polish by Del Sol Giveaway

I love to try new fun colors and FALL is always weather to try new and unique nail polishes. There are so many options available at drug stores that it always used to be difficult decision for me what colors to choose - Pink or Mauve, Glitter or Glam? I would end up buying multiple bottles. Now what if I told you you could get two shades with just one nail polish!! Hard to believe RIGHT!! OMG but you will totally love these Color Changing Nail Polish from Del Sol.

First of all the variety of options made is mind blowing. and the names of nail polishes are really fun. Lets see HOTTIE for instance, it has a touch of glitter among a shimmering polish, sure way to bring everyone’s attention to your nails. This polish starts as pink and changes to purple in the sun. These glide on smoothly on nails and are bright shade.

Are you a BAD TO BONE Kind of GAL?? It begins as a clear polish with pink, silver, black and white confetti glitter, but quickly changes to a deep purple with glitter when outdoors. Out on some extra coats for darker color and this fun way to surprise friends.

You will absolutely love these nail polish. Whats more they have new nail art videos every month:

"Color-changing Nail Polish by Del Sol is the wonder of the sun at your finger tips! Indoors, the nail polish is one fun color. But outside, Del Sol's exquisite, color change nail polish turns a dramatically different hue with exposure to sunlight. Some styles feature glitter, too. From indoors to outside, and back to indoors, Del Sol Nail Polish gets attention as it changes."

Top Features:

5-Free: No harmful toxins added
Never tested on animals
Square cap, round base
Bottom label is in three languages (English, French, Spanish)
Lifetime Color Change Guarantee

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Month nail polish subscription box available:

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.