Friday, July 10, 2015

Infrared Knee Support Sleeve #sootheyourknees

I am the sort of person who is physically active, love hiking, camping, running, going to gym. All these activities plus being on your feet the whole day cooking, cleaning and running errands I frequently started getting knee and back pains. I guess once you cross into 30s your body is not what it used to be and pain sometimes can stop me from enjoying simple pleasures like meeting friends for dinner. I am not big fan taking pills all the time, I will take if pain is too severe but mostly i prefer alternative to medication. I was very glad when I received Infrared Knee Support Sleeve from Tayère Therapeutics as it really is an effective and soothing solution for me.

These come in grey and white combination as shown above. It is one size fit all kind of knee sleeve and material is such that it will not be lose but stick perfectly to the knee. As per the brand if you measure The Circumference Of Your Thigh 5 Inches Above Your Knee, If Its Between 15 - 25 Inches Then It Should Fit Perfect. I like that the material is breathable and soft, not stiff or uncomfortable so I can easily wear these while exercising in gym or hiking/cycling. I do not wear these under pants but even those who would like to these are not too thick so will fit easily under pants if do not prefer shorts.

The best thing is that these made from Tourmaline Mineral which gives these sleeve unique characteristics of magnetic properties, anti bacterial, temperature regulating and Muscle Tissue And Cell Regenerative Properties. With regular use I have found my knee hurts less and this has kind of soothing effect, temperature is not too hot.

Additional information about the product as per the brand:

Tayère Therapeutics Knee Support Sleeve: Tourmaline Far Infrared (FIR) Series
Worn as a recovery aid and pain suppressant, sports and athletic sleeve, casually around the house, gardening, working, or to just protect your knees and keep them warm throughout the day!

Product Details

· Woven Design Gives Them A Free Range of Motion: The elasticized fabric is designed to balance compression and support while still maximizing comfort.

· Made With Semi-Precious Mineral Tourmaline: Known as the 'Electric Stone,' as it has been shown to produce a weak electrical charge, giving it magnetic field properties, which is what enables it to produce and emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions. Before the Tourmaline is infused into the fabric it is crushed into powder form, altered to better react with your own body temperature, then layered onto the fabric as a ceramic coating. While this unique construction allows heat to escape, keeping your knee cool during summer months, it also acts to bounce back the Far-Infrared Rays your body naturally produces, penetrating your muscle tissues deeply and uniformly, without any unwanted heat!

The Tourmaline Mineral Gives This Sleeve These Unique Characteristics That You Won't Find In Any Other Sleeve:

· Slight Magnetic Properties

· Anti-bacterial Activity

· Temperature Regulating Properties

· Muscle Tissue And Cell Regenerative Properties

· Compression And Support With A Bonus Therapeutic Factor

You can purchase Infrared Knee Support Sleeve on Amazon here.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products that I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own.