Friday, August 19, 2016

10% Glycolic (AHA-Alpha Hydroxy) Acid Serum for Chemical Peel-Pro Grade

10% Glycolic (AHA-Alpha Hydroxy) Acid Serum for Chemical Peel-Pro Grade from IMAX

About the Product

Glycolic Acid (AHA) 10% Serum helps 1. remove dead skin cells, 2. regenerate healthy skin, 3. lighten the skin tone, 3. reduce/remove age spots (Hyperpigmentation), 4. remove fine lines, 5. reduce deep wrinkles, 6. open clogged pores and reduce enlarged pores, 7. treat acne, 8. increased collagen and elastin growth (skin barrier repair), 9. treat effectively stretch marks, 10.improve texture and clarity of skin.
Patch Test: If you are the 1st time user of AHA or your skin is allergic or oversensitive to AHA, you must use this serum after doing a patch test and waiting for 24-72 hours for result only to see if your skin can tolerate AHA. This serum is well known as #1 safe chemical peel which enhances new skin cell turnover and dissolves the uppermost layer of the epidermis resulting fresh, smooth and light skin.
The exfoliating effect of the Glycolic Acid simultaneously yields increased skin tissue hydration as a result of the new plump dermis' capacity to bind water.
AHA's exceptional propensity for skin penetration counteracts a number of typical skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, irregular skin pigmentation, clogged pores, acne and pimples.
AHA reverses the damage of photoaging by stimulating collagen and elastin production consequently increasing skin resilience and strength.