Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BEST Foam Roller for Revolutionary Muscle Massage Review #MuscleMaulerMax

I workout actively in the gym, cardio and weight training both. I alternate focusing on different body parts when lifting weight like one day I will do chest and shoulder, next day hamstring and quads, next biceps and back. I try to rotate so that all my muscles get worked out but it does cause lot of soreness next day after workout. Usually muscles take 24-48 hours to recover or sometimes even more for me even with proper protein diet. I regularly get deep tissue or sports massage done to help soothe and relax muscles every 1-2 month. I was really excited when I got the opportunity from Master Of Muscle to try out their BEST Foam Roller for Revolutionary Muscle Massage as I do use foam rollers for stretching but I had never heard of roller to help give massage. That had me interested.

When the Foam roller arrived I have to agree that it truly is max size, really good length and width to give maximum coverage while rolling over. The material is of excellent quality and it very sturdy, will be great for all built types. I received in color Red which is vibrant and attractive, not sure though if they have any more color options. The roller had two kinds of grooves built in one longer and wider and other are shorter and they both give different pressure on muscles when you roll over. This is what I like best in the product, the foam rollers I have mostly used are plain or just have single type grooves which are not this effective. It also came with poster showing different positions and muscles you can use it on as starting point. 

They also provide an ebook with purchase. If you are new I would suggest to first try and get used to roller with light pressure and then depending on how sore they are you can press bit strongly. The good thing about the poster is that it gives you picture plus detailed description on how to use it for particular position. I use it regularly with my workout and it helps my sore muscles to recover faster.
It really does feel like Deep Tissue Massage minus the price :) 

I use it most frequently on my upper and lower back, hamstrings and quadriceps as they ache the most and become stiff after workout. Another great ting is the that Master Of Muscle seller has great social media presence so that is great if you have any questions, tips, motivation.

Additional details about the product as per brand:

  • The Muscle Mauler Max is the NEW ADVANCED MAXIMUM coverage foam roller designed for greater and more efficient use for all roller workouts.
  • With its increased high density coverage and advanced trigger-matrix design, the greater dual pressure zones allows for superior massage effect and maximum coverage for all tight areas.
  • The Advanced Roller is Ideal for Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release and Muscle Pain and Stiffness Relief. It also assists with increased maximum oxygen and blood flow to the required regions and provides the body with increased flexibility, and overall more efficient body performance.
  • Key areas for Muscle Mauer Max include Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, ITB, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders.
  • Comes with Bonus Ebook for Advanced Trigger Point Exercises.

You can purchase BEST Foam Roller for Revolutionary Muscle Massage on Amazon here.

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